Every Member – Every November

On November 1, our annual campaign "Every Member - Every November" starts. The goal of the campaign is that each zonta makes a donation to the Zonta Foundation for Women and thus contributes to a better world for women and girls.

This year, another goal is to increase the number of monthly donors among our members worldwide.

In our district, we already have a district goal of becoming at least 100 monthly donors this biennium. You who have not yet chosen to become a monthly donor should feel extra welcome to sign up and give at least USD 10 a month to our international projects and educational programs.

Through an increase in the number of monthly donors, we also participate in challenges between the districts. The conditions are simple:

  1. Register by November 30 at www.zonta.org/donate and click on “Monthly Gift”.
  2. Give at least $10 a month for at least 7 months (through May 2024).

Thank you very much for choosing to support Zonta and our important work in creating a better world for women and girls.

Best regards
Christina Rylander Bergqvist, District Foundation Ambassador

Read more: Foundation Campaigns (zonta.org)

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