We empower women by supporting and influencing

Our vision is a world where everyone recognizes women's rights as human rights and where every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential.

Zonta arbetar med internationella projekt för jämställdhet och mänskliga rättigheter, med fokus på kvinnor och flickors hälsa, utbildning och ekonomi.

Projects we support

3 tjejer i ett klassrum

Engaging girls in climate change in Madagascar

Health and safety of adolescent girls in Peru

Stop child marriage

Stopping gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea and East Timor

Zonta arbetar för jämställdhet

Zonta works for equality

Since 1919, Zonta International has worked to strengthen the human rights of women and girls, focusing on health, education and the economy.

Your gift makes a difference

When you make a donation to our fundraiser, the Zonta Foundation for Women, your gift goes directly to the women and girls we support.

Our projects are usually run in collaboration with various UN agencies.

Din gåva gör skillnad för de projekt Zonta stödjer


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As a member of Zonta, you are part of a wide network of people from different professional groups who are creating a better future for girls and women all over the world.

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