What Zonta does

We want every woman in the world to be able to reach her full potential. We want a world where women have access to all resources on the same terms as men and where no woman is afraid of violence. In order for this to become a reality, we have a close collaboration with the UN and work with international projects for equality and human rights, with a focus on women's and girls' health, education and the economy.

Zonta arbetar med internationella projekt för jämställdhet och mänskliga rättigheter, med fokus på kvinnor och flickors hälsa, utbildning och ekonomi.

We support women

Zonta provides financial support to several projects for human rights and gender equality, often in collaboration with various UN agencies. The projects we are involved in are, among other things, about promoting women's health, education and economic situation. We also work with projects to abolish gender-based violence, child marriage and human trafficking.

3 tjejer i ett klassrum

Engaging girls in climate change in Madagascar

Health and safety of adolescent girls in Peru

Stop child marriage

Stopping gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea and East Timor

Zonta förändrar attityder och värderingar för att fler ska stärka och skydda kvinnors och flickors mänskliga rättigheter.

We influence those in power and attitudes

Zonta changes attitudes and values so that more people will strengthen and protect the human rights of women and girls. We act internationally, nationally and locally by influencing legislation and raising awareness of equality issues.

We award scholarships

With our scholarships, we want to support education and commitment for women and girls as part of our work for an equal society.

Zonta delar ut stipendier för att stödja utbildning och engagemang för kvinnor och flickor.

We network and strengthen each other

Through Zonta, you make new friends and contacts both locally and internationally, and thanks to exciting lectures and study visits in your club, you gain new knowledge in various fields. We are around 25,000 members in around sixty countries working towards the same goal.

Zonta D21 video, Latvian subtitles

Zonta D21 video, English subtitles

Support our work

A contribution to the Zonta Foundation for Women goes directly to implementing our projects and programs to support women and girls worldwide.