We must climate land before the planet's limit values are exceeded

At the beginning of November, Professor Johan Rockström gave an interesting and fact-packed talk about the climate crisis to about a hundred listeners on Zoom. He talked about the situation today, what is required for a so-called "safe climate landing" and about justice and leadership. He completely agreed with Pia Hultgren, meteorologist and the meeting's cicerone, that gender equality is a prerequisite for the earth to be able to get through the climate crisis.

Pia Hultgren had initially told about Zonta International's climate initiative Zonta Says NOW, which was created precisely because it was seen that climate justice cannot be achieved without women being allowed to participate in the meeting rooms and in decision-making positions.

The lecture with Johan Rockström was filmed and can be seen here https://youtu.be/YPF2PwqpzOg

More information about Zonta Says NOW is available here https://www.zonta.org/Web/Web/Causes/ZontaSaysNOW_home.aspx

The inspirational lecture was arranged by the climate committee in Zonta International District 21, which consists of Lotta Lind, Pia Hultgren, Åsa-Britt Karlsson and Ulla-Britt Höjer.

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